Buddypress Wamp

This is about the installation of Buddypess (plugin of WordPress) on Wamp (Windows Apache Mysql and Php).

Wamp Requires an additional step in order to setup buddypress.

The regular step for Buddypress installation are

1.Download Buddypress plugin. you can Download from Here

2.Unzip the Zip file on localhost/yoursite/wp-content/plugins

3.Activate Plugin

4. Change permanent links from default to customize Link ( do not forget accept changes)

At this point everything should be work. but if you Work over Wamp you need to set up a simple step

In you computer go to Task bar click on the Wamp Icon and navigate to

APACHE->APACHE MODULES then look for rewrite_module checked if it is not.

Now everything will work fine.

Good luck you can ask question to Contact us

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