DRUPAL 7 Updating i18n troubles


In order to Update i18 FIRST UPDATE VARIABLE MODULE TO 7.X.2 if you do not do this you are going to get the message TROUBLE WITH DEPENDENCIES.

If you get this message in automatic update. your site will be shut down an it will show FATAL ERROR call undefined function variable_realm…...

this is the step to set your site up again.

1. Go to mysql look for table SYSTEM this table has a list of modules available in your site look for this 2 i18-variable and variable-realm set the field status to 0 (this mean you unable this 2 module).

2. Edit your setup.php file at mysite/site/default/ look for line with UPDATE_FREE_ACCESS. it will be false, change for TRUE. This is going to allow you to run yoursite/update.php. If you have well set up your site the folder site,default and file setup.php is protect for updating. change permission in order to update setup.php.

3.Run www.mysite.com/mydrupalfolder/update.php.

in this way you can get back online your site

good luck

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