I just start my first Drupal 7 website . everything went smooth and the website test work in safari, firefox , chrome even in android but when i made the test over IE8. the two block (left and right) did not show any data.

In both side i have different class of blocks. but those which come from the views just show titles.the other blocks made in php or those from drupal display very well. the blocks from views did not show data. I google everything possible but i did not found any documentation , i found about about 31 css rule ( IE support just 31 css open files). i found about aggregate and compress css (option you can find it when you going to configuration under development title you find performance option). Most of the post suggest that this give solution for ANY problem between DRUPAL 7 ZEN THEME and IE8 (that it was not my case).

My trouble continued until i found out that my views has a setting as a GRID (under FORMAT), when i change this option and just set a UNFORMATTED LIST . everything works fine.

I hope you find this information useful now i am try to show the page of this view. but the graphics did not show up. when i find out the genesis of this issue i will post the solution. to see the page go to canal ungido

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